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Anesthesia Technician job – Reem Hospital Careers Abu Dhabi 2023

Job Title; Anesthesia Technician

About the job(Anesthesia Technician job)

Basic Purpose of the role(Anesthesia Technician job)

The Anesthesia Technician assists the anesthesia team prior to, during, and following patient procedures in various Operating rooms.

The Anesthesia Technician checks and supplies anesthesia carts and machines, checks and replaces anesthesia gas tanks, disassembles used anesthesia equipment, disinfects machines and supply carts, replaces used products and prepares transducers for invasive hemodynamic monitoring. This position has significant patient contact while assisting in transport and procedures. This position works collaboratively with Anesthesia and Nursing staff. In addition, the incumbent assists with the preparation of anesthesia supplies both preoperatively and post operatively by cleaning, maintaining, packaging, ordering, and inventorying of anesthesia supplies.

Key responsibilities of the role(Anesthesia Technician job)

Ensures the provision of optimum clinical care, customer satisfaction and patient safety.

Demonstrate ability to adapt to varied age-specific patient populations.

Maintains an effective rapport with patients, visitors, physicians, and other members of the hospital team.

Promotes confidentiality and uses complete discretion when discussing information.

Works collaboratively with other staff members to provide continuous service to the organisation.

Ability to express self in the areas of communication verbal, written and non-verbal.

Demonstrates knowledge of current computer system used in the organisation.

Demonstrates adherence to safety and risk management policies as evidenced by in-service attendance records and employee practices.

Ensures the reporting of all adverse events, incidents and near misses.

Contributes to investigations of complaints and incidents and draft responses as required in a timely manner.

Contributes to the monitoring of key performance indicators and developing action plans as required

Other responsibilities(Anesthesia Technician job)

Participates as the primary assistant to Anesthesia for procedures in the Operating Room

Prepares anesthesia supplies:


• Ensure anesthesia carts are supplied and machines are in each room prior to the beginning of the surgery schedule and

between procedures. Checks and replaces anesthesia gas tanks as needed.

• Retrieve special anesthesia supplies that are anticipated and/or requested by the person administering the anesthetic before

and during surgery.

• Prepares complex equipment and supplies for hemodynamic monitoring. This varies based on location and may include

Anesthesia Technician job

peripheral arterial and pulmonary artery catheter transducers, EKG, pulse oximeter, and nerve simulators.

• Ensures monitoring equipment and supplies are ready.

• Ensures the anesthesia machine is ready for use including troubleshooting and correcting problems. May perform daily

anesthesia equipment inspections including suction, electrical plugs, gas connections, oxygen and nitrous oxide cylinders.

• May assist in positioning patients for procedures.


• Provide and set up disposable materials needed to collect shed blood. Based on location, may set up equipment for delivering

Anesthesia Technician job

salvaged and banked blood products with Cell Saver and Rapid infuser.

• Aseptically assemble autotransfusion disposables.

• Assist in dressing and securing IVs and Arterial lines.

• Assist Anesthesia during intubating and extubating procedures as directed.

• Restock all used supplies as needed during a surgery.

• Dispose of contaminated materials and disinfect equipment in accordance with general operating room P&P concerning

biohazardous waste.

• Maintain awareness of physiological parameters and baselines of patients during a surgery.


• Clean anesthesia equipment in the Operating Room and outside locations following each procedure.

• Clean, maintain, and package used anesthesia materials and equipment.

• Inventories and orders anesthesia supplies.

• Run errands as requested by anesthesiologists/CRNAs/charge RN/other team members as appropriate to facilitate the

Anesthesia Technician job

preparation and conduct of anesthesia. Perform additional duties as requested by other team members.

• Troubleshoot broken equipment and fix it as directed by clinical engineering

Participates as assigned on committees, working groups, and other organizational activities.

Communicates with the patient care team about ongoing changes in the patient’s plan of care and unit activity.

Contributes to product evaluation at unit levels and participates in trials related to new product lines as appropriate.

Acts as a preceptor to less experienced staff as required.

Patient and family teaching as required.

Actively participates in organizational change in a constructive manner.

Actively participates in the Clinical Competency Programme.

Actively participates in the process of ensuring the organization achieves and maintains JCIA status.

Engages in health promotion activities in the organization and community.

Responsible for educating less experienced staff in adverse drug reactions and the process to be followed for medication errors.

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Anesthesia Technician job

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